Our parish is participating in this annual Appeal.

Our parish goal - $43,168.00 – will assist the diocese in reaching its goal of $8 million.


As a member of the Diocese of Brooklyn, you are part of a family of Catholics who practice their faith and live a life of stewardship throughout Brooklyn and Queens.

Through your participation in the Annual Catholic Appeal, you can help maintain vital programs and ministries that serve Jesus by reaching out in love to our brothers and sisters in the Lord.




Q: What do the contributions from the Annual Catholic Appeal support?

A: Simply, PEOPLE. Our greatest challenge as Catholics is to play our part in loving and serving our neighbor. So many of our brothers and sisters are in need, and we are blessed when we freely share our gifts with others with God’s Love, Compassion and Joy.

The Annual Catholic Appeal is at the center of our efforts to put Jesus’ love to work. By making a pledge commitment, you make possible the work which go beyond any one parish alone; outreach to those in need through our diocesan social ministry programs; increase our Church's efforts in recruiting and training candidates for priesthood and religious life; Support Faith Formation; enable Catholic Charities to continue their multi-services in our community; support our retired priests; make chaplains available to hospitals, prisons and schools; and ensure that we are able to continue assisting the newest members of our community--immigrants.

Q: How is the money donated used – is there a list?


A: Yes, below is a pie chart that explains the allocation of funds you make available with your gift to the Annual Catholic Appeal.


Q: Does our parish benefit from this effort?

A: Our parish benefits – the diocesan wide ministries benefit - and all living in Brooklyn & Queens benefit. Your kindness nurtures the Words of Christ in many wonderful ministries, programs and services provided throughout Brooklyn and Queens – including those in our parish. As an example, the future of all parishes depends on having enough priests to minister to them. The Annual Catholic appeal does the job of supporting vocations in ways that no one parish alone could ever hope to accomplish ensuring that there will priests to celebrate Mass in all of our parishes.

In addition to this one clear example, our parish will also receive all funds raised over the parish goal to fund parish initiatives. In essence, your support of the ACA allows our parish to utilize funding on other initiatives. Of course, your weekly support of our parish is crucial and you are encouraged to continue to share your generosity with our parish primarily through the Sunday collection. But it is also important to remember that the Church extends far beyond the walls of our beautiful church and great parish.

Q: I can only give a small amount, my gift is not important – so, why

should I give?

A: We are asking people to give proportionately to their ability - every gift is important. The Lord has shared many gifts with each of us. As Christians we are called to share His blessing with others. Your gift is truly a personal sacrifice – one that we are most grateful for, so reflect upon this decision as you share your gift. No matter if it is a onetime gift of $50 or a pledge for the year of $2,500, every gift gets our parish closer to fulfilling its responsibility to the broader Catholic Community in Brooklyn and Queens. Every Gift makes a difference!

The Diocese of Brooklyn is made up of people like you from 187different parishes bonded together in the love of Christ. Part of being a responsible Catholic is looking after others, particularly those in need. As St. Paul says, “When one member suffers, we all suffer. When one rejoices, we all rejoice.” that is why we have the Annual Catholic Appeal.

Please be as generous as you can when you are asked to participate in the Annual Catholic Appeal.




Thank you!

You may view the 2019 ACA video here:





Classes for Adults who are learning about our Catholic Faith take place every Sunday morning.

Please contact our Faith Formation Director, Mr. Conrado Hernandez for more information.



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